Cheap Cruises to the Bahamas

Picture of a hammock between two palm tree on the beach in the bahamasDid you recently get engaged and are now planning your honeymoon? Are your fiancé and you looking into various places to spend your first week together as husband and wife? Your sister suggests you go to the Bahamas, after all, she points out, “They’re really romantic and when it’s cold in January, it’s hot and balmy in the Caribbean.” But your fiancé has always wanted to take a cruise someplace. Why not do both? The nice thing about booking now for your travel plans six months from now is that this is one of many ways to take advantage of the cheap cruises to the Bahamas.

But as you’re looking into cruises, you realize that you’ve never been on one and fear that you might get ill or that you may get on one and be fearful.

Reasons such as these, and others are why the Bahamas is such a popular location for first-time cruisers. They’re the first set of Caribbean islands off the coast of Florida and are a great way to break “first timers” into the world of luxury liners. You won’t be on the ship long enough to experience fear, but you’ll be on long enough to get a good idea why 34 million people annually enjoy cruises.

In fact, if you were to ask your sister, she’d probably tell you that were she to be able to do it all over again, she’d have taken a cheap cruise to the Bahamas rather than to have flown there. As she put it, “It’s like getting two vacations in one.”

You ask her to go into detail about this. She talks about the food first. As she is describing the various types of cuisine available on a cruise, including Mediterranean, your favorite, or sushi, your fiancé’s favorite and others made by chefs all with world-renowned reputations, your mouth begins to water.

She then tells you that while your fiancé is playing basketball against five or ten of his newest friends, you can make an appointment to get a facial and a beautiful manicure and pedicure so that by the time you disembark, you look better than when you left home.

As if that weren’t enough, she goes on to say that you can start partying before you even get to the Bahamas. Nightclubs like those found in the “coolest” cities around the world are on cruise ships.

All of this, you tell her, is completely news to you! You had frequently wondered what all the buzz was about cruise ships. You used to ask yourself how people could stay entertained for so many days and nights while they’re contained on a boat. “It’s not just any boat”, your sister tells you, “It’s like taking all the things that adults love to do, and making it available all within walking distance of your cabin. No driving, no worrying that you drank too much and have to climb in your car. Where else can you go to a Broadway show one night and be on the most beautiful beaches in the world the next morning?”

Indeed few places, you tell yourself. And the next day, your fiancé and you look for one of many cheap cruises to the Bahamas.

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