Cheap Bahamas Cruises

cruise ship in the bahamasIf you loved the cruise you took last year, but just didn’t care for the price you paid, why not look into one of those Cheap Bahamas Cruises you’ve heard your coworkers talking about for this year’s vacation?

If you have worried that “cheap” is synonymous with poor service, few amenities, inability to take part in all the activities or that it means sleeping in the smallest room, in which you have to eat all your meals, au contraire!

The only difference between the cruise you took last year and the one you’re about to book this year is price. You can expect the same level of excellent service – after all, the myriad of ship’s staff wandering about have no clue what price you paid. And if you need any reminder about the incredible activities on board, let’s start with ice-skating in the middle of July! Unless you are living in the Arctic Circle, where else can you throw on your “blades” and cut the ice when it’s 85° and balmy? When you’re done, then take in a Broadway show, the one that you haven’t yet seen, but that got rave reviews. You did overhear someone saying that many cruises also offer Broadway shows you saw and loved as a kid, such as Guys and Dolls.

Of course, if you wanted to annoy people on the boat, you could walk up to them and tell them that you paid, “a whole lot less than they did”, but you’d probably not make any friends that way would you? Besides, they might get it in their heads to throw the annoying passenger overboard. Can’t have that.

What you could do instead is, enjoy every minute of your vacation, eat food prepared by world-class chefs, take a dip in one of several pools on board and then go dancing in a nightclub you’d expect to see in Paris or London.

No one is the wiser that you are smarter this year than you were last year and found one of many cheap Bahamas cruises. Nobody is asking you what you paid, as you sit on deck with the same drink they have in their hands. However, yours is a lot less expensive than theirs.

As if those weren’t reasons enough to book your cruise, when you disembark in Nassau, the Bahamas, you can look forward to their white sand beaches, and then peas n’ rice and crawfish. You remind yourself that since last year you have been thinking of little else. Do you honestly think that the friendly people in the Bahamas have any clue that you just snagged the deal of a lifetime? They not only don’t care, they certainly will be as friendly and gracious to you regardless what you paid. But since you did pay so little, maybe you can be a little more generous with your tip when the waiter goes out of his way to give you excellent service.

So, if you keep your mouth tightly zipped and only open it to enjoy the food, and rave about all the fun you’re going to experience, create memories that will last you a lifetime, you can go ahead and book your cheap Bahamas cruise sometime today or tomorrow and have the time of your life!

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