Bahamas Last Minute Cruise Deals

small cruise shipImagine going to work one morning, the way you do every morning and when you get there the boss calls you into her office. She says to you, “Remember how you were hoping to take your vacation next month but I told you that it was a bad time because two other people would be out during the same time?” You nod your head in agreement. “Well, one of them had to cancel his vacation and if you still want it, you can book yours for the same time period. And to make it more attractive, I am going to still let you take your regularly scheduled vacation in three months as well.” You leave her office and go immediately to your computer and look up Bahamas Last Minute Cruise Deals. You had heard that if you book and leave within 45 days, you can take advantage of more than 50% of your normal ticket.

You call your spouse and tell him that you’ve just booked a Bahamas last minute cruise so start packing!

Life doesn’t normally work out quite this well, but when the planets are aligned perfectly or your boss just woke up on the right side of the bed, you can certainly be the benefactor of such rare events.

How Bahamas Last Minute Deals Work

If you suddenly find yourself with a free week of vacation, but one that has to be booked and taken within 45 days of today, you can literally save hundreds, perhaps half of the normal booking price.

This deal can work whether you’re booking in an interior room, an oceanview room, one on the balcony or book a suite. Of course the prices for each level of rooms varies whether it’s a last minute price or a regular one.

The majority of last minute deals are all-inclusive, so expect your meals to be part of it, offers vary as far as some or all of your alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, all the entertainment that’s available on that particular cruise as well as access to the fitness center, nightclubs and pools and hot tubs.

Once aboard your luxury liner, visit the spa for a massage, facial and manicure/pedicure and afterwards enjoy a dip in any one of several pools. Visit the gym or go take a hike on one of the rock climbing walls. Challenge someone to a “game of hoops” otherwise known as basketball, and start planning your meals.


This is not your ho-hum potato salad and boring chicken. You can expect to choose from several styles of cuisine, including, but often not limited to:

•    Mediterranean
•    Japanese, including sushi
•    Italian
•    French
•    All American
•    Steakhouse

Some Bahamas last minute cruise deals include all of your drinks, be they soft drinks or ones with alcohol and pretty umbrellas. Each package is different and it’s best to ask when you’re booking.

One thing that is always included when booking a Bahamas last minute cruise deal is plenty of fun, a break from the stress of your every day life, not one single shuttle to and from your kid’s school to soccer practice and no reports due at work.

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