Bahamas Cruise Special

bahamas cruise pool deckAre you staring at the pile of paperwork on your desk and actually starting to talk to it? What’s worse is that if you’re expecting it to talk back to you, it’s time for a break. If you’ve taken off a day of work here and there and even enjoyed long weekends either at home or your cousin’s cabin in the hope of getting the one-way conversations to stop, it’s time to consider a Bahamas Cruise Special.

What exactly is a Bahamas Cruise Special? It’s a vacation that includes a couple of days and nights on luxurious ocean liner, en route to one of the most beautiful and friendly places on earth.

What? You say that you’ve never taken a cruise? What with all the stories you’ve heard from your friends, family, neighbors and coworkers, you still haven’t tried one? What can you expect if you book one?

34 Million People Can’t Be Wrong

Did you know that approximately 34 million people each year book cruises? Of those, approximately 3 million of those people are landing in Nassau, the Bahamas. Indeed the majority of these people live in North America and they’re going here, there and yon, however among the most beloved are the ones going to the Bahamas. Cruise Specials have a lot to do with this trend. What was once an exclusive thing that only the wealthy could afford is now something that is widely available to a broader-base of clientele.

How Have Cruises Changed?

If you ever watched the television series from the 1970s called the Love Boat, you probably have an antiquated image in your mind. Activities ranging from Shuffleboard to drinking endlessly and chatting with the bartender, who would help you meet x, y or z attractive person you thought to be attractive.

Today, you can expect noting less than the following:

  • Broadway Shows
  • Shops
  • Libraries
  • Some of the most amazing food you’ve ever heard of, let alone eaten
  • Movies
  • Spas
  • Nightclubs
  • And much, much more

Indeed, the industry has evolved greatly since the 1970s. Several decks, some with sleeping quarters only, others have sections for this or that type of activity and some have several swimming pools and gyms. One thing is for certain, once depending on how long between your embracement and dismemberment, you may or may not have time to get through everything you want to while on board. And if you have concerns you’ll gain weight eating all the delicious food, it’s not possible.  Cruise ships can be as large as 1200 feet in length and upwards. If you tried walking that much in a day, you’d burn a lot of what you ate.

What’s The Best Part?

On top of all the fun, activities, eating well-made food by top chefs, a Broadway show and a conversation with the bartender if you like, your port of call in one of the most breathtaking places in the world awaits you. On top of that, it’s more the norm than the exception to be able to get Bahamas Cruise Special pricing with most companies. Just inquire about great deals when you book your firsts of many cruise packages.

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